Studio Insights: Using Video to Communicate Brand

April 21, 2022

A brand is a company’s promise to its customers. The brand is more about the company’s people than about its product. Companies should remain authentic to their brand and not try to be everything for everyone.


It is essential to properly communicate your company’s brand. That brand is a message to partners, investors, prospects, and end-users. There are many options to choose from when express one’s brand. Video is an impactful and important brand building communication tool.

Developing the approaches for a company to express its content is essential, and that’s where Provost said the video could be a game-changer. “We find that this little niche of expressing brands through video that we’re part of, often, is not aligned with the other channels.” But creating alignment through video is an opportunity more companies should explore.

The answer lies in strategy. Everything a company does should align within their strategy, and the use of video and the studio space capturing it should be no different. “If your brand’s about being on the pulse, meaning you’re in tune with what’s going on now and in the future, you need to exude that and show that in your space.”