Setting the Stage 10 Years of Excellence

April 05, 2022

People and honesty are the foundation of Provost Studio. Peter Provost perfected merging design and service into one. Provost Studio builds design excellence to create nuanced spaces.


Now celebrating its ten–year anniversary Provost Studio has been on a journey of variability and discovery. Throughout the ups-and-downs, founder Peter Provost has remained grateful for this incredible journey. Join Provost to reminisce on the company’s past and divulge its future plans.

So, what is the foundation of a successful business? According to Provost, it’s built on the people running the daily operations and maintaining a reputation of honesty. “We’re only as good as the people that you have surrounding the organization and the project,” he explained.

That philosophy paired with business smarts and hard work has clearly paid off. With a combination of design and broadcast services, Provost uses “design as a change agent … to communicate in a way that clients haven’t prior to engaging us.”

Provost recounted feeling like they finally “made it” once they finished their first big project in the Republic of Georgia one year after opening. Fast forward to today, and Provost Studio is now a design and service firm that keeps up with the newest technological trends to satisfy its clients. Working on new spaces in the U.S., he noted that his work has become more customized and nuanced since the pandemic began.

As for the future, he said, “I’m excited to see how it’s going to evolve!”