Roundtable Discussion: Broadcast Studio Project

November 10, 2021

-Try to achieve the best possible quality at a price that won’t break the budget
-Creating a harmonious and holistic process for various project owners will generate a seamless result
-Every project offers lessons for improving a future project


How does a broadcast studio project come together? Hint: not without the collaboration of several partners working together to make state-of-the-art and art (this does not make sense; state of the art what?). Studio Insights brought together a panel of key contributors to the new FOX5 DC-WTTG Studio to learn how they did it. Peter Provost, Director of Design & President of Provost Studio; Ben Jacobson, Project Manager at Mystic Scenic Studios; Tony Siniscalco, Systems Designer/Project Manager, The Lighting Design Group; and Jim Landy, Founder, AV Design Services, LLC, discussed the challenges, opportunities, and learnings from working together on such an ambitious project.

“I like to think of us as the orchestrator of it all in terms of bringing the right people on for the right jobs, Provost said. “My role as the director of design for Provost Studio is responsible for the quality and trajectory of the design, and then managing client expectations, and getting the right team together for the project. And for this job, Provost found that team in Mystic Scenic Studios, The Lighting Design Group, and AV Design Services, LLC. (not sure where the quote ends here but needs the end quote)

Siniscalco credited his prior training in theatrical and venue lighting for understanding how not all lighting situations and environments are the same and the approaches and considerations needed when building a studio environment. “I’m constantly looking at not just what the lighting infrastructure is, but what’s the HVAC infrastructure. Where are the sprinkler pipes? How is the conduit run? We’re constantly looking at things in BIN models and CAD drawings, trying to make sure everything is lined up the way it ought to be.”

From the studio design end, Jacob explained the best-laid plans don’t always work out, and creative solutions are needed as construction issues present themselves. And none of it happens without collaboration from all the various partners working together to make sure their part of the project fits in with the others.

Mystic Scenic

The Lighting Design Group

AV Design Services