Designing a Future-Ready New Studio

September 20, 2021

Peter Provost and Brian Stockmaster discuss the considerations for designing a new webcast studio.


Provost Studio knows there are many considerations at play when designing a new webcast studio. To better understand all that goes into designing a new studio, Provost’s Director of Design and President Peter Provost and project manager Brian Stockmaster gave host Tyler Kern all the insights.

Stockmaster’s background in technical theater and 25 years in fabrication shops and project management make him the perfect person to help bring Provost Studio’s clients’ visions to reality.

“Somebody like Brian, who has the level of expertise at what he does, it’s critical to making the project work,” Provost said. “It’s not all about design, all about what’s in front of the camera, because, ultimately, it’s about all the stuff that happens behind the scenery that makes it durable, last, useful and effective for the clients.”

Provost and Stockmaster were quick to point out that while many clients have varying degrees of experience with video production, they may not have the expertise required to develop a studio from the ground up. For these reasons and more, Provost extolled the virtue of Stockmaster’s experience in ensuring studio projects go beyond the clients’ expectations.

As for considerations when planning a studio space, Stockmaster offered some helpful insights.

“Your space selection is probably the first thing we should look at,” Stockmaster said. “[Are you] converting an old conference room, or are you building a new building? Do you want it to be an open space so you can have a more newsroom feel to it? All of these have a lot of variables that we want to look at. Everything from electrical, data, structural – we want to take a look at the space as a whole from the acoustic point of view and work with our clients to choose the right space based on their needs and where they want to grow.”