In the News: Provost Studio Designs China's First 4k Ultra-Hi-Def news studio for Hunan TV

Provost Studio was selected in 2018 to design the new 5,000sf studio and control room for Hunan TV in Changsha, China. The project launched on October 1, 2020.

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The first in the country | Hunan Radio and Television Station's first 4K ultra-high-definition news studio is officially opened, and New Auto "Graphite" is helping!

On the eve of the Double Festival, the 4K Ultra HD News Studio in the News Center of Hunan Radio and Television Station officially opened on September 30. This is also the first 4K Ultra HD news studio in the country.

TV video technology has undergone an iterative evolution from analog to digital, from standard definition, high definition to ultra high definition. Hunan Satellite TV’s 4K ultra-high-definition news studio, with strong security and wide functionality, can fully meet the needs of various types of live news and all-media interaction, and better meet the audience's pursuit of high-quality TV programs.

Zhang Huali, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Hunan Radio Film and Television Group Co., Ltd. (Hunan Radio and Television) said: The construction of a 4K ultra-high-definition news studio is an initiative to further consolidate the foundation of news and strengthen the work of news and public opinion; it is an adaptation. The new trend of TV development and technological innovation empowers the iterative upgrade of content innovation; it is a requirement of the times to accelerate the in-depth development of media integration and accelerate the construction of a new mainstream media group with the most innovative vitality and global influence in China.

It is worth mentioning that in the country’s first 4K ultra-high-definition news studio, a number of New Auto "graphite" ultra-high-definition online packaging and large-screen packaging systems have been deployed to undertake the studio’s ultra-high-definition graphic packaging and large- screen packaging systems . The screen presents the packaging effect.

The "graphite" ultra-high-definition graphic packaging system has a targeted rendering engine design at the beginning of its design, which solves key problems including texture rendering accuracy and font reduction. It provides ultra-high performance through the use of efficient multi-threading technology. Video and audio playback capabilities, the use of GPU and I/O technology to support ultra-high-definition rendering and real-time transmission of I/O data, and an open software architecture to achieve a streamlined workflow that can be integrated and separable for production and broadcasting . With the continuous development of ultra-high-definition technology and application requirements, "Graphite" has made many innovations in technical concepts and implementation methods.

In terms of ultra-high-definition large-screen packaging, "Graphite" provides multi-region customized rendering technology. The command center's special-shaped and non-standard resolution background large screens can be flexibly configured as a whole or each single screen to meet multi-screen output, multi-screen linkage, Interactive requirements such as screen rejection. At the same time, the platform data is read through a unified data interface, and the content is diversified. After testing during the trial operation stage, Taiwanese leaders highly praised and unanimously affirmed the design and construction of the all-media news command center, news production business functions, and the presentation of large-screen packaging.

In addition to the application in the 4K UHD News Studio in the News Center of Hunan Radio and Television Station, New Auto’s "graphite" UHD graphic packaging and large-screen packaging system has been used in the world’s first 5G+8K OB van and Beijing Radio and Television Station. "Winter Olympics Documentary 4K Ultra HD Channel" and many provincial and municipal TV stations have applications. It can be said that in the field of ultra HD graphic studio construction and graphic packaging, "graphite" is undoubtedly the most correct choice at present!

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