Planning your corporate webcast studio design project for success

BlackRock Corporate Studio (Designed by Provost Studio)

The advantages of careful planning when building a professional corporate broadcast studio and webcast environment start at a very high level — but it’s important to not neglect taking the same strategic approach to individual components of the project.

In addition to these high-level components, another key part of planning a corporate broadcast facility project centers on the scenic design elements.

Planning for a studio

Just as careful planning is key to the overall success of any corporate broadcast studio project, it’s important to approach the scenic design from a strategic angle that’s focused just as much on function as on the design.

First, it’s important to consider what types of productions will be produced in the corporate broadcast studio since different styles of programming require different setups. For example, productions that take a hard news format will likely need an anchor desk-style area, while programs that focus more on interviews could benefit from a larger interview set layout.

Also consider how many hosts and guests need to be accommodated and plan accordingly with the appropriate seating and space.

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