Studio Spaces in Corporate Spaces with Peter Provost

Studio Spaces in Corporate Spaces with Peter Provost

March 12, 2022

Companies are using video for both internal and external communications. Businesses want to incorporate natural work environments in their content shoots. Corporate studios can be branded for specific use and then rebranded and transform as needed.


Companies recognize the need to produce video content to reach an audience more than ever before. Even further, the need for video content creation requires more access to production studio space. This rise of studio spaces within corporate workspaces has advantages for corporations and businesses in expressing their brand by adding a studio into their corporate office environment. “Companies are using video for both: internal communications and external communications,” Provost said. From c-suite messages to training videos internal messaging, video is now an essential part of those communications. And external communications also utilize training videos as well as thought leadership communications. There are many possibilities for companies interested in using video for communicating their message.

One of the things Provost Studio does when creating a studio for an organization is to create an environment that captures the look and feel of those businesses’ current brand and present their content in better ways. The look and feel of traditional production studios in a corporate workspace are changing too. Clients don’t just want the main production area for shooting conventional content pieces. They want other areas of their workplace’ camera-ready,’ so to speak, to generate a layer of authenticity to the content they are creating. “We’re kind of building video production spaces within an office workplace, which five, ten years ago didn’t exist,” Provost said.

Some companies are already looking beyond their communication needs for their studios and focusing on how they can monetize their capabilities. Once the space exists, outside clients can use the studio. “Today, we are designing studios that can be branded for the specific use that it is being designed for, but with technology being as it is, it allows you to rebrand and transform the space,” Provost said.