Lighting design solutions for podcast and webcast studios with Phil Widmer and Peter Provost

Lighting design solutions for podcast and webcast studios with Phil Widmer and Peter Provost

March 29, 2022

Creating effective lighting designs for small studios is challenging. Lighting designers need to work with clients to understand what they want to accomplish with their studio spaces. Understanding clients’ needs help designers maximize their lighting designs to avoid unnecessary upgrades or redesigns.


Phil Widmer and Peter Provost to discuss the challenges of lighting design in a podcast or webcast studio. Phil Widmer, owner of Widmer Designs, and Peter Provost, President and Director of Design at Provost Studio highlighted industry trends and solutions to common lighting design challenges.

The trend to transition studio space into office-like spaces comes with many challenges, including grid and overall infrastructure obstacles. To overcome these, designers should ensure they understand a client’s current and future goals when using their studios. This will help avoid unnecessary redesigns and upgrades.

Studio designs that help bring stories to life facilitate the most effective communications. It is essential for lighting designers to help their clients be happy and prevent unnecessary expenses. Early communication is crucial to address any potential challenges associated with lighting and scenic studio designs.

The lighting for the set requires scenic, front, back, and side lighting, which presents a challenge in small spaces. Ultimately lighting designers want to avoid having a one-dimensional design. Small spaces can be cost-effective, but there is also a loss of control. Widmer shared that he wants his clients to know there are options and that he and his company cares about their clients. “We’re going to hand them a product that is gonna be easy to use, and it’s gonna last hopefully a long time,” said Widmer.