Provost Studio Wins Newscast Studio 2015 “Set of the Year”
Chicago Magazine & RedEye Magazine Set Best in Web-cast Category

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 18, 2016) – Provost Studio has been awarded the 2015 Set of the
Year Award in the Web-cast category by NewscastStudio at this year’s annual NAB Show for
the design of the Chicago Magazine & RedEye Magazine Studio.

This is the second year in a row that Provost Studio has been nominated for a
NewscastStudio Set of the Year Award but the first however, to bring home the accolade in
the competition’s newest “Web-cast” category.

The creation of this category is testament to the broadcast industry’s shift toward wed-based
programming and Provost Studio is quickly establishing itself as a leading creative
professional within this emerging field of broadcast set design. Other web-cast studios
designed by Provost Studio include the Chicago Tribune Media Group’s Hoy Magazine,
ARISE News and ACORD News.

The winning set’s primary design challenge was to express two brands in one space.
Flexibility and creative out-of-the-box thinking were paramount in successfully delivering on
this challenge.

“The main design challenge was to create an scenic environment that accommodates two
brands with distinctly different audiences,” says Peter Provost. “And, therefore, two different
aesthetic and functional expressions of those brands.”

Conceptually, the resulting set design is like a scenic “Swiss Army knife”. Provost Studio
designed the set elements to be interchangeable, re-configurable and adaptable. This allows
the studio to convert back-and-forth from one brand to another.
The new studio’s key design features include:

  • Sliding and pivoting wall panels allow quick scene changes
  • Elements, like tables and carts, transform to reflect each brand
  • Dramatic, color-changing LED lighting
  • Large-format display monitors for brand specific dynamic media content

About Provost Studio
Provost Studio, Inc. is a cross-disciplinary design firm with international reach, focused on
branded environments and interior architecture. The firm is recognized as a national practice
leader serving the broadcast industry for branded scenic environments and set design for
television, including the design of “on-air” production studios and newsrooms.

Provost Studio creates brand experiences that express each client’s unique story within the
built environment which help build stronger relationships with consumers and audiences.
Founded in 2011, by architectural designer and Emmy-nominated creative leader, Peter
Provost, Provost Studio has offices in New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina. Learn
more about their work at


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Attn: PR Coordinator, Provost Studio

Provost Studio Helps Chicago Tribune Media Group Deliver Brands Digitally
Chicago Magazine & RedEye Magazine Launch Webcast Studio

July 28, 2015

CHICAGO, IL (July 28, 2015) – The Chicago Tribune Media Group (“CTMG”) has just launched a transforming webcast studio to host two very different brands.

Provost Studio designed the convertible, 150 square foot studio space. The studio will help CTMG dimensionalize both Chicago Magazine and RedEye Magazine’s brands digitally.

Two Diverse Brands Sharing One Studio

“The challenge was to design CTMG's webcast studio to project two brands with distinctly different audiences,” says Peter Provost. “And, therefore, two different aesthetic expressions of those brands.”

Conceptually, the resulting studio design is like a scenic Swiss Army knife. Provost designed the scenic elements to be interchangeable, re-configurable and adaptable. This allows the studio to convert back-and-forth from one brand to another.

The new studio’s key design features include:

•    Sliding and pivoting wall panels allow quick scene changes

•    Elements, like tables and carts, transform to reflect each brand

•    Dramatic, color-changing LED lighting

•    Large-format display monitors for brand specific dynamic media content

A Versatile Studio Requires a Dynamic Design Process

The key to the studio’s success is the flexibility of the components that create the space. Beyond the standard conceptual design services, Provost also stepped into the role of an on-air design consultant.

“Lighting and camera blocking are so integral to the design process,” Provost explains. “We are able to step in and help block shots, direct key lighting, and help with the initial rehearsals.”

This extended role helps the project team find key shots to add. They also identify scenic elements they need to alter or tweak before going live.

Chicago Scenic Studios fabricated and installed of the design-build project.

Webcast Studios – A Growing Trend

The new studio is the second that CTMG has asked Provost Studio to design. In April 2014, the Tribune-owned Hoy newspaper launched its newscast with a set designed by Provost. With that success, CTMG is expanding the online presence of its other popular publications.

To serve the number of media outlets going online, a webcast studio is a smaller version of a typical broadcast studio. With the lower costs and ease of production from this smaller studio, more media companies are opting for this type of flexible space.

Provost adds, “Some large companies are using webcast studios for the dual purpose of producing in-house training programs.” 

Provost Studio Helps 360 Chicago Make Visitor Experience Truly Extraordinary

A Branded Environment Makeover Tells Chicago’s Story

May 27, 2015

CHICAGO, IL (May 27, 2015) - The TILT attraction at the 360 Chicago Observation Deck (the renamed John Hancock Observatory) celebrated its first birthday this May. Now the journey to the 94th floor of the Hancock Building is even more exciting, starting with the new visitor experience on the renovated Ground Floor. 

This new space and its exhibits opened on May 25th. It provides a visual and graphic tour through Chicago and the neighborhoods that visitors will see when they reach the observation deck.

Peter Provost of Provost Studio, the project’s Experience Designer and Interior Designer, worked with a cross-disciplinary team to make the branded environment a success.

What is a Branded Environment?

A branded environment is a compelling way to tell a client’s story, through graphics, media and interior finishes within three-dimensional space. In this case, the space is telling the story of Chicago. Designing a space like this is not without challenges…

“When Provost Studio came onto the project, BRC Imagination Arts had completed the experience concept work,” says Peter Provost. “So from a content perspective, an outline was in place for what to include in each experience area...”  

Provost continues, “The challenge then was how best to express the stories in a visually engaging way. Making them digestible to a wide age-range of visitors, in short chunks of time.”

Four Themed Experience Zones

After purchasing tickets, visitors head toward the elevators leading to the 94th floor.  Along the way, the path weaves through four themed zones. They can explore Chicago and its neighborhoods through large-scale environmental graphics and multi-media presentations.

The first area offers a broad view of Chicago, including a short video called, “Chicago in 4 Minutes.” Each area then gets more focused, until the fourth and final offers specific details of the city at the neighborhood level.

These exhibits provide a framework and add anticipation for the stunning views of Chicago. Views the visitor will experience first-hand from 1000 feet above.

Media as the Visitor’s Mentor

“Every visitor brings a different level of knowledge of the city to the front door,” says Provost. “To ensure a deeper, more meaningful experience for everyone, we gathered a team of experts in content development and copywriting, image research and curation, audio-visual media integration, graphic design, and interiors.”

The successful content development for the exhibits and the entire interior space is the product of this integrated design team. They worked side-by-side; looking at the content of each exhibit from varying angles to ensure it will align with the audience.

360 Chicago’s Re-Branding

Since acquiring the observatory in 2012, Montparnasse 56 Group added the TILT feature last year, as the first phase of 360 Chicago's re-branding. Along with a renovated Café and new sunset viewing area on the observation deck, the new ground floor visitor’s experience is the second re-branding phase.  

Other project team members included:

  • Architect of Record: Gensler
  • General Contractor: Turner Construction
  • Exhibit Concept Design: BRC Imagination Arts
  • Exhibit Fabrication & Management: Chicago Scenic Studios
  • Content Curator & Research: Fleming Museum Consulting
  • Multi-media Design: Silver Oaks Communications
  • A/V Integration: AVI Systems
  • Exhibit Lighting Design: Anne Kustner Lighting Design

Provost Studio Designs Backdrop For Entrepreneurs

Newly Branded Innovation Center Design Leads RTP's Redevelopment Charge

June 1, 2015

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC (June 1, 2015) - Entrepreneurial meetings and hosted events have energized Research Triangle Park, since opening The Frontier this past January. 

The Frontier is one of the nation’s largest open innovation centers. It offers free meeting and work spaces, along with leasable offices, for the community’s pioneers and entrepreneurs to meet and connect.

Peter Provost and his team of designers at Provost Studio provided a comprehensive array of design services for the new collaborative workplace. These included the development of the graphic brand identity and environmental graphics, as well as interior design and space planning services.

Limitless Opportunity

When a visitor walks through the front door of The Frontier - located at 800 Park Offices Drive - the activity and design elements within the space energize them.

The entry lobby is a glass-enclosed path leading to the elevators, sub-dividing the first floor into its two parts:

·       Event Center - a four-story high atrium for hosted events

·       “Home Base” -  the main mixer space, offering a variety of workspace options, a café, enclosed conference rooms, and an area for “play”

“Conceptually, Home Base was designed as the ‘living room’ of the project,” explains Peter Provost. “It is the main meeting room for the exchange of ideas, while also providing space for an individual’s focused work.”

The branded identity of The Frontier – exploration, innovation and limitless opportunity – is woven into environmental graphics and interior finishes throughout the building. Even the elevators are designed to look like space shuttle pods.  

Flexibility is Key

“The main design intent was to create a space that promotes gathering, communication and discovery,” says Provost.

“To capture the entrepreneurial spirit of the facility, and to meet RTP’s goals for the project, the design needed to provide flexibility to allow the wide array of users to reconfigure the space as needed.”

While some well-intentioned plans don’t always work out in practice, working closely with the RTP staff ensured Provost’s design met and exceeded their expectations.

“We’re pleasantly surprised at just how successful of the space is,” says Jacob Newbauer, Community Coordinator for the RTP. “The combination of open, semi-enclosed and enclosed spaces allows extroverts and introverts to work well in the same space.”

Growing Numbers

As of May 1st, there have been 76 hosted events at The Frontier, and over 8,000 attendees at those events. Anna Rhyne, the RTP’s Program Manager, also notes the leasable office space on the third floor has just reached 100% occupancy.

There are plans to add more office suites soon to meet the growing interest and need for offices within The Frontier.

Besides accommodating the growing number of occupants and visitors, Provost Studio also designed the spaces to evolve to meet unexpected uses.

“On certain days, you might walk in and a free yoga or cardio class is in session in the entry lobby,“ says Rhyne.

Jacob Newbauer adds, “These activities serve to help newcomers feel more at ease, and encourages them to use the space in a way that best meets their own needs.”

Provost Studio Re-Envisions On-Air Brand for the Chicago Bears Network

Lead Interior/Scenic Designer aims to create an engaging, dynamic viewer experience

November 11, 2013

Lake Forest, IL (November 11, 2013) - The Chicago Bears Network has officially launched its new state- of-the-art broadcast television and radio studio as part of the 40,000 square-foot renovation and addition to the Chicago Bears headquarters at Halas Hall. Lead designer, Peter Provost of Provost Studio set out to create a visually engaging and dynamic on-air environment for the network to further connect fans to the long-standing heritage and history of the Chicago Bears Football Club.

The 2,300 square foot studio was designed to accommodate a multiple show line up for both network broadcasting and webcast viewing including “Bears Gameday Live,” “Bears Gamenight Live” and “Inside the Bears.” The studio is organized into two main broadcast zones: a main anchor desk area and an informal standup area. The two zones are tied together by a 48 foot-long, backlit graphic wall of the Bears practice field and glowing LED yard line markers that wrap the studio walls and ceiling. Prior to the new space, the network was operating in the lower basement level of Halas Hall, not originally designed as a production studio.

Provost Studio worked with additional team members to deliver the project including: Peter Hyde Design (Associate Designer); Sean "Sid" Post (Lighting Designer); and Chicago Scenic Studios (Studio Planning & Scenic Fabrication).

A main overall creative goal for the project was to develop a scenic environment with a level of authenticity and an insider perspective that speaks to the place of Halas Hall and the legacy of the Chicago Bears brand. One exciting scenic element that largely helps to achieve this vision is a 48 foot- long graphic wall featuring a panoramic view of the team’s practice field, a perspective rarely seen by the general public. The informal stand up area “Locker Room” is closely modeled after the newly renovated headquarters facility and incorporates actual full-sized lockers and equipment provided by the team’s equipment manager. Historic photos of all-time great players line the space from the extensive Bears photo archive.

Flexibility was also paramount for the new studio. Both scenic elements and technology help to easily reconfigure the studio for each program format and show specific graphic package. The main anchor desk is shaped to accommodate a range of host/guest seating configurations and can rotate 180 degrees if needed to take advantage of changeable graphic backdrops.

The new Chicago Bears Network TV and radio station produces a wide range of television shows, radio shows, new media and video-on-demand designed to give viewers exclusive, inside access to the team. Chicago Bears Network programming can be seen and heard on FOX Chicago, WBBM Radio, Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, Comcast Video-On-Demand, WSCR radio and on

Provost Studio, LLC is a multi-disciplinary design and consulting practice with international reach, focused on interior design and branded environments. The studio excels at helping its clients communicate their brand spatially. They create immersive, narrative-rich environments that engage the senses and embody the values, identity and culture of each organization. Provost Studio is based in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina with an office in New York City. The studio’s work intersects the fields of architecture, interior design, branding, exhibit design, scenic design, graphic design and furniture design. They engage a diverse range of project types including museum and cultural centers, visitor centers, retail environments, broadcast television studios, exhibits, meetings/events, corporate headquarters and office interiors.