Small but flexible studio gains traction in St. Louis

St Louis.jpg

Tucked into a suburb of St. Louis, First Rule Film & Broadcast has built a network-caliber studio that plays host to many types of broadcasts.

Located on the 16th and 17th floor of a high rise, First Rule has set a high standard. With sweeping views of downtown St. Louis, the company’s office commands a certain presence, a presence they also wanted in their studio design.

First Rule Film & Broadcast is the brainchild of Travis Brown, who owns parent company Pelopidas, an issues-based advocacy and lobbying firm that works with many campaigns across the state of Missouri. Brown makes many appearances on national networks, such as Fox News, and he and his partner envision the space as a multi-purpose studio for hire.

“Travis and I laid out a plan to build a ‘broadcast ready’ event space and a separate broadcast studio that would match up with any national cable show set,” said Rob Glessner, director of broadcast operations for First Rule. “Provost Studio and Peter Hyde Design had recently built a broadcast ready event space for the Chicago Bears and had done numerous studios for the major networks. They were perfect partners.”