Almuerzo Creativo- Provost Studio

Source: Myriad Media

For our most recent Almuerzo Creativo, we shook things up a bit. As you may have noticed from previous posts, we typically watch and discuss a video that one of us has wanted to share with the group. Last week, however, we discussed something equally awesome, but different: Architectural design. Peter Provost, who we are lucky to have working alongside us in our new office, gave us an inside look at his design firm, Provost Studio, and some of his recent projects.

Peter is an internationally recognized architect and designer who has worked on projects ranging from museum installations to broadcast studios. He has a strong appreciation for experiential design and branded environments. Peter talked about how a successfully designed space has the ability to serve as so much more than its basic function. It has the ability to stir emotions, to inspire, to ignite, to refresh, to transform, and to make you feel something.