One Liberty Observation Deck "Philly from the Top

Project: One Liberty Observation Deck
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Type: Cultural + Museums
Size: 17,000sf Total (1st, 2nd, 57th Floors)
Status: Completed 2015

The visitor experience at One Liberty Observation Deck offers unparalleled views of Philadelphia from atop the 57th floor of the One Liberty Place Tower. Capturing the spirit and culture of the city of brotherly love, Philly From the Top is an immersive environment that engages all the senses.

The primary goal of our design team for the development of the branded environment and themed visitor experience at One Liberty Observation Deck was to create an authentic, visually rich experience that express the unique vibe of Philadelphia as a place and culture.  In addition, the interior spaces were designed to build excitement and create a level of anticipation for guests prior to experiencing the city’s breathtaking views on the upper level observation deck on the 57th floor. 

The overall visitor experience is creatively choreographed over three floors that engage visitors with large scale environmental graphics, playful oversized exhibit elements, a green screen photo area and interactive touchscreen tables.  Social media is also uniquely integrated into the visitor experience.  At the lower level entry, guests are welcomed by a 10-foot tall social hash tag graphic (#TheRealPhilly) emblazoned on the main entry level glass wall that encourages visitors to explore and share their own perspectives on what makes the city exciting. 

The project has a strong emphasis on leveraging technology with visitors being able to experience a guided audio tour of the city, focusing on the themes of sport, music, and culture. Social network engagement is encouraged throughout the environmental graphics, allowing visitors to share their experiences beyond the walls of the project.

Unique visitor experience features:

  • Multi-story, Benjamin Franklin & Kite Sculpture and Light Show 
  • Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks 
  • Green screen Photo-op Area
  • Themed Chair "Audio" Experiences (Sports, Music, Culture)
  • Social Media Sharing Opportunities (Themed “Real Philly” Hash Tags)
  • Large-Scale Environmental Graphics
  • 57th Floor Visitor "Thrill" Feature
  • Amazing Views from the Top
Provost Studio: Experience Design Development & Environmental Branding/Graphics
Peter Provost - Design Principal
Heather Stonebraker - Sr. Project Manager
Stephanie Parrish - Art Direction/Sr. Graphic Designer
Bethany Fleming - Sr. Content Curator
Christopher Helms - Asst. Curator
David Catalano - Experience Designer
Paul Benson - Experience Designer & 3d Visualization
Nicholas McRoberts - Jr. Designer
BRC Imaginary Arts: Experience Design Concept and Story Planning
Chicago Scenic Studios: Fabrication & Installation
Gensler: Architect of Record