Chicago Bears Headquarters

Project: Chicago Bears Headquarters Vistor Experience
Client: Chicago Bears Football Club
Location: Lake Forest, IL
Type: Office+Workplace
Size: 43,000sf
Status: Completed 2013

Provided interior design, branded environments and exhibit design services for the newly renovated Chicago Bears Football Club Headquarters at Halas Hall.

The project consisted of developing a comprehensive theming strategy to weave both the existing facility and the new conference center addition together into a seamless visitor experience.  The visitor experience also addresses navigation and wayfinding challenges for both interior and exterior spaces. 

The creative team worked collaboratively with the Bears executive team and stakeholders to develop key messaging and content for the experience.  The experience will feature the Hall of Champions, where visitors can interact with life-size players on interactive touch-screens to learn about personal stories and memorable Bears games.  The team has delivered a full spectrum of services from pre-design planning and base building coordination; to content development and exhibit/graphic/interior design; to project management and fabrication/installation coordination.

Project is a design-build collaboration between Provost Studio, Peter Hyde Design and Chicago Scenic Studios.  Interactive design is provided by Cortina Productions.

Project Team: Peter Provost (Principal/Project Designer), David Catalano (Designer), Paul Benson (Graphic Designer); Peter Hyde (Peter Hyde Design/Associate Designer); Sean “Sid” Post (Lighting Designer); Chicago Scenic Studios (Scenic Fabrication and Management; AVI Systems (A/V Broadcast Systems Engineering and Integration)

PRAB Lobby Renovation

Project: PRAB Lobby Renovation
Client: The Puerto Rican Action Board
Location: New Brunswick, NJ
Type: Office+Workplace
Size: 2,200sf
Status: Concept Design Phase Completed 2013

For the PRAB lobby renovation project, we worked initially with the client to identify and assess the challenges of the existing 2,200sf lobby.  As a result, we developed a design approach and spatial organization for the new lobby that addressed the client’s primary concerns regarding visitor orientation and traffic flow, while creating an overall “visitor experience” for PRAB clients within the space that goes beyond the typical check-in/waiting room typology.

The visitor experience is organized sequentially into 3 main zones:  Zone 1-Visitor Orientation (Multi-Media Interactive Story-Wall); Zone 2-Visitor Check-in/Information (Main reception desk, quick check-in kiosks and PRAB guest assistance “genius bar”); and Zone 3-The Learning Resource Lounge (Main Waiting/Seating Area, Kids Area, Coffee Bar and Computer Workstations). 

Additional aspects of in the redesign included: PRAB brand integration (incorporating PRAB brand elements within the space including brand colors and logo, core messaging, etc.), new furniture specification, existing reception desk redesign, interior lighting strategies, existing interior and exterior signage and way-finding system.

PRAB is a comprehensive Human Services Organization in Middlesex County, New Jersey. They provide a comprehensive range of essential services for children, youth, families and senior citizens. They deliver need-based assistance to low and moderate-income residents of Central New Jersey and serve as advocates for those seeking to live productive, self-sufficient lives.

Project Team: Peter Provost (Principal), William Sendor

The Frontier-Collaborative Workplace

Project: The Frontier-Collaborative Workplace at Research Triangle Park
Client: Research Triangle Foundation
Location: Research Triangle Park, NC
Type: Office + Workplace
Size: Approx. 10,000sf
Status: Completed 2015

Provost Studio provided interior design, brand identity and environmental graphic design services for this new collaborative workplace project.  The multi-floor interior renovation consisted of re-designing the 1st and 3rd floors of a former corporate headquarters building to accommodate 10,000sf of new workspace. 

Open workspace is provided on the 1st entry level floor and is intended to the more public mixer space known as the “Living Room”.  Individual private offices are on the 3rd floor.  The program also includes an atrium space intended for large audience gatherings as well as a cafe and both formal and informal meeting spaces.  

Project Team: Peter Provost (Principal/Project Designer), Paul Benson (Graphic Designer), Stephanie Parrish (Graphic Designer),  Sonal Patel (Designer)

Research Triangle Foundation Headquarters 

Project: RTF Headquarters Building (Concept Study-Site + Interior
Client: Research Triangle Foundation
Location: Research Triangle Park, NC
Type: Office + Workplace
Size: N/A
Status: Concept Study Phase Completed 2012

The main objective of the study was to explore new ways that visitors could interact with the surrounding site and building's public spaces to ultimately define a new visitor experience for the Foundation, creating a vibrant “hub of activity” and destination for businesses in the Park and surrounding community.

The new visitor experience would allow visitors to learn about both the rich history of the Research Triangle Park and the innovation forged by its community of industry-leading businesses since its founding in 1954.

The study considered both non-developed and underutilized exterior spaces and interior public space.  It was organized into three parts: Site Activation, Site Concept and Building Public Spaces.

Project Team: Peter Provost (Principal/Project Designer), David Catalano (Designer), Paul Benson (Graphic Designer); Peter Hyde (Peter Hyde Design/Associate Designer); Sean “Sid” Post (Lighting Designer); Chicago Scenic Studios (Scenic Fabrication and Management; AVI Systems (A/V Broadcast Systems Engineering and Integration)

TV-9 Headquarters Newsroom

Project: TV-9 HeadQuarters Newsroom + Studio
Client: Channel 9 - Tbilisi, Georgia
Location: Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
Type: Office + Workplace, Broadcast + Media
Size: 5,000sf (2,500sf Studio/2,500sf Newsroom)
Status: Completed 2013

This project consisted of a multi-floor interior renovation for the new Channel 9 broadcast headquarters, located outside the capital city of Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.  

The renovation included the design of the set for the main broadcast production studio as well as the adjacent 2-floor newsroom workspace for editorial staff. Additionally, provided overall project management, base building and AV coordination and general studio/interiors planning services.

Project Team: Peter Provost (Design Principal), Tom Schwinn (Project Manager), David Catalano, Peter Hyde, Tyler O'Reilley, Phil Widmer (Lighting Designer), Sandy Paul (Lighting Asst.), Joseph Policastro (AV Integration)

CNNfn Headquarters Newsroom

Project: CNNfn Headquarters Newsroom + Studio
Client: CNNfn
Location: New York, NY
Type: Office + Workplace, Broadcast + Media
Size: 7,500sf (Newsroom 5,000sf/Studio 2,500)
Status: Completed 2004

The CNNfn Headquarters offices and broadcast studios were located in the Time Warner Center at 59th Street & Columbus Circle in New York City. The project was part of a network wide launch of the new CNNfn Channel.  The project encompassed the renovation of two main floors including the editorial staff newsroom and mezzanine area, executive offices, breakrooms, conference room, green room, several smaller flash camera studios and custom workstations.

The new broadcast studio in particular, was designed to be a flexible space with movable walls and platforms that could be configured in different ways to accommodate various news anchor/ camera positions. The studio was intended to blur the boundary between broadcast area and typical newsroom office space. Instead of a typical approach to a broadcast set where it is confined within the walls of a “blackbox” studio, the CNNfn set uses the whole office floor as potential “Live” newsroom broadcast space. To accommodate this, studio lighting grid and camera power and A/V infrastructure were located throughout the floor.

Project completed through final construction phase while Sr. Design Director at Jack Morton Worldwide.

The Lab-Research Triangle Park

Project: The Lab - Research Triangle Park (Signage + Wayfinding)
Client: Research Triangle Foundation
Location: Research Triangle Park, NC
Type: Office + Workplace
Size: 13 Building Campus, 75,000sf
Status: Completed 2015

The Lab at Research Triangle Park is an office  campus of thirteen buidings with more than 75,000 square feet of dry and wet lab space for R&D start-up companies.  There are more than 200 companies currently on-site.  

Provost Studio provided brand identity and a  concept design development for the signage and wayfinding system for the campus.  The signage and wayfinding system included developing campus entry gateway signage, vehicular and pedestrian directional signage and building signage.

Project Team: Peter Provost (Principal), Paul Benson (Designer)

St. Paul's Center for Hope and Healing

Project: St. Paul's Center for Hope and Healing (Entry Pavilion)
Client: St. Paul's Center for Hope and Healing
Location: Cary, NC
Type: Office + Workplace
Size: 2,800sf
Status: Concept Design Phase Completed 2003

The project consisted of a new 600sf entry pavilion, site work and renovation of an existing 2,200sf residence for the new Center for Hope and Healing. New program space for the renovated facility includes meeting spaces, offices, conference rooms and therapy rooms.

A key design challenge for the project was to connect pedestrian circulation from the existing parking lot and church entry to the Center main entry courtyard. The existing house is set back into a heavily wooded lot not easily seen from the parking lot. The pavilion acts as an enty gate and threshold for arriving guests to proceed down a wooded path to the Center. The house renovation consists of re-programming interior spaces and addressing accessibility issues.

Project Team: Peter Provost (Principal/Project Designer), William Sendor