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Top Things to Consider When Planning a Broadcast Studio

Planning a Broadcast Studio Infographic Guide

Planning a broadcast studio or set doesn't have to be a daunting experience. With the right advice you can achieve fantastic results and see your project run smoothly and successfully. Check out our infographic guide to the top things to consider when planning your broadcast studio


Throwback Thursday: WVUA-TV 23

Check out a collection of photos from the WVUA-TV 23 studio; the broadcast studio we designed for the University of Alabama. Launched this past July, Peter has returned to check in and hear how the space is working for the client.

The Road ahead for Big Media Brands


An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal has recently reported that the multinational mass media group Hearst have made investments into a string of websites focusing on video content and aimed mostly at the younger, under 34, consumer demographic. 

The move, the article says, is in line with a number of recent deals between traditional media owners and digital upstarts; each of whom are "seeking to attract younger audiences that have migrated online".

While this is indeed true, the elephant in the room is that many of these companies are playing catch up when it comes to the now fractured online video landscape. The truth is that younger audiences are not migrating online, they were born there.  This is a small but important distinction.  These audiences have diverse interests and consume in totally different ways from their peers of previous generations.  This young market likes things on-demand and expects cross-platform access.

The challenge for traditional publishers and broadcasters alike, will not only be in how they adapt their messaging to these emerging channels of communication but also in how they translate their brands visually to engage this younger audience.

"Hearst Takes Stake in Complex, Pushes Web Video"

For the full article please follow the link HERE

Set Design Concept Studies (Part 1)


Our studio recently looked at how typical broadcast studios function and present their on-air brand to viewers at home.  We developed a series of concept studies that were rooted in a "What If" scenario of "re-inventing" how local and national news organizations could produce and present the news in a more engaging and dynamic way.  

In particular, we looked to develop solutions that: 

• Were relevant to viewers 

• Provided presentation formats that enhance storytelling and social engagement 

• Delivered content in a useful, purposeful and compelling manner 

• Encouraged talent to communicate, connect and interact with viewers at a new level

The Hub.jpg
Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.37.45 PM.png

Study 1: The Hub 



• The broadcast set is an extension of the station’s website 

• A technical command center 

• The space evokes the inner workings of a machine 

• Hands-on technology

• The process of news gathering is revealed 

• The viewer sees the flow of information in and out 

• A team of experts is at the center of the Hub 

• The Editorial Newsroom surrounds Central Hub

WVUA Studio Set Time Lapse

Watch four days of set construction in under a minute. 

A lot of hard work goes into planning, designing, and constructing an excellent broadcast studio set. While we'd love to share a time lapse of our design team laboring over sketches, renderings, drawings and multiple pots of coffee; we thought this quick video of the WVUA set build out would be more interesting. The new set launched earlier this year.