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Friday Fun: Provost Abroad

This Friday we share a few snaps from our director Peter Provost's trip to the UAE last year where Peter was consulting on an emerging retail project. He also took the opportunity to tour the local architecture, both traditional and contemporary. Most noticeable is how traditional patterning and design survives into the modern forms and materials of the 21st century.

Friday Fun: Stephanie's Top 5 Blogs for Designers


On Fridays we like to take things a little easier in the office. The end of the week is a great time to share posts about the people of Provost; the faces that make up the team.

This Friday our art director and senior graphic designer Stephanie Parrish shares with us her favorite five blogs for designers. Stephanie is a talented graphic designer with over 18 years experience.

Stephanie has worked with some of the world’s most well known brands translating their identity and messaging into immersive graphic environments. Her professional experience has included working for creative agencies such as McKinney, T3 and Rockett, Burkhead & Winslow.

Here at Provost Studio, Stephanie builds focused and poignant graphic narratives that translate brand and cultural identity into immersive visitor programs.   


"No Noise. Just the good stuff" Niic.co is a beautiful way to create and find inspiring design portfolios from industry professionals and amateur designers. Niice hand-pick the work they share, which means there are no ads and no junk. 

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Design is Fine

Before we had Adobe, before we had CAD, before we had the cloud or computers, we made things with our hands. Design is Fine is a self professed library of art & design history. Covering design from all time right up to the computer revolution, you'll find an interesting mix of post modernism, art deco, shaker, de stijl and many more beautiful works of art and design. 

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"All things visual culture" Colossal is a flood of design, animation, art, photography, and architecture. The Webby nominated blog regularly updates with with work from right around the world. 



Slick, clean, simple; Designspiration keeps your focus on the work. With a rotating array of inspiring art and design, this will become your favorite place on the web. The site is easily searchable and features only work that has been hand selected by the Designspiration team; insuring only the highest quality content reaches your feed.

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High impact and out of left field, Booooooom (seven O's) has personality. Featuring work mainly of the weird, unusual, and experimental variety; the blog brings you interesting art and design often with some thoughts or opinions from the author. I strongly recommend their Instagram feed if that is you social network of choice.

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Friday Fun: The 5 times I had to adjust to working in the US

On Fridays we like to take things a little easier in the office. The end of the week is a great time to share posts about the people of Provost; the faces that make up the team.

Our first Friday post comes from junior designer Nic McRoberts, a recent transplant all the way from Australia. Today he marks off six months exactly since moving to America, sharing a few contrasts between life here and 'down under.

1. The Imperial system...

Lets start with the big one: the imperial system. What is its deal? The United States is one of only three countries in the world that still uses the imperial system along with Liberia and Myanmar.

How Does it work?

No one seems to really know. Thankfully there's this super easy to follow, not at all confusing flow chart.

So now you know that there are six sticks to a foot, and eight fingers to a yard.

See what I mean? As a designer this has without a doubt been the hardest thing to adjust to.


2. Understanding the Currency

Paper money! the number of times I've washed a pair pants and lost some loose cash to a watery, soapy grave. Australia was the first country in the world to have plastic polymer currency, so all our bills last for years, are super hard to counterfeit, and easily survive a spin in the washing machine.

On top of this pennies are crazy to wrap my head around. For reasons best explained here, they don't make a whole lot of cents.... (see what I did there). Yet there are over 4 billion pennies minted fresh every year.


3. Everything is so Cheap!

Exchange rates and wage differences aside; the dollar price of everyday goods and services is SO CHEAP compared to back home in Australia. This makes it hard not to go on an all out spending spree every time I visit a grocery store or go out for lunch. In fact the only three things more expensive here are (in order) healthcare, education, and sushi.

4. Working out Greetings

No matter the relationship back home we 'down under will typically opt to shake hands when we greet a friend, a workmate, a boss, anyone really! Trying to work out the menagerie of different shakes, bumps, high and low fives that get thrown into a greeting here has often left me baffled.

5. The Magic that is Country Music

From the outside looking in it can be pretty hard to wrap your head around the American passion for country music. The funny lyrics, the massive amounts of patriotism, the banjos! (oh the banjos). But the more and more you listen to it the more it sinks in, making its way into your head, and before long I found myself absentmindedly humming along to Scotty McCreery in line for a Starbucks... That's it: my Americanization is complete!


A Day At Myriad Media

Blog Post by Myriad Media

Almuerzo Creativo – Provost Studio

"For our most recent Almuerzo Creativo, we shook things up a bit. As you may have noticed from previous posts, we typically watch and discuss a video that one of us has wanted to share with the group. Last week, however, we discussed something equally awesome, but different: Architectural design. Peter Provost, who we are lucky to have working alongside us in our new office, gave us an inside look at his design firm, Provost Studio, and some of his recent projects.

Peter is an internationally recognized architect and designer who has worked on projects ranging from museum installations to broadcast studios. He has a strong appreciation for experiential design and branded environments. Peter talked about how a successfully designed space has the ability to serve as so much more than its basic function. It has the ability to stir emotions, to inspire, to ignite, to refresh, to transform, and to make you feel something.

One area in particular that Peter discussed was his background in broadcast studio design. It was fascinating to hear all of the elements he considers when creating these spaces—everything from the personalities of the news anchors to the number of static and roaming cameras in the studio is meticulously evaluated.

Considering the way certain design features appear on camera is also critical. What might look good in person can look completely different on camera, so Peter has to evaluate his design plans from a lot of different angles (this sounds quite familiar to our line of work!). For example, Peter is currently working on a project for a studio that will have a wall of wooden panels with a “wavelike” appearance. Achieving the desired look took a lot of trial and error. The wall’s appearance when looking head on was completely different than when looking from an angle. Because of this, Peter will cut the panels at different lengths and stagger them in a unique pattern to make it work.

It was interesting to realize all of the overlap between our line of work and Peter’s. Even though architectural design and video production are separate fields, our process, goals, and project considerations are incredibly similar. Thoroughly understanding your audience, using your work to share the culture and values of your client, using light as a source of inspiration, and offering a valuable end experience are just a few of the commonalities we share."


Source: http://www.myriadmedia.net/?s=provost+studio


RACEDAY! 2012 Chicago Marathon at the National Hellenic Museum.

RACEDAY! 2012 Chicago Marathon at the National Hellenic Museum.