Set Design Concept Studies (Part 1)


Our studio recently looked at how typical broadcast studios function and present their on-air brand to viewers at home.  We developed a series of concept studies that were rooted in a "What If" scenario of "re-inventing" how local and national news organizations could produce and present the news in a more engaging and dynamic way.  

In particular, we looked to develop solutions that: 

• Were relevant to viewers 

• Provided presentation formats that enhance storytelling and social engagement 

• Delivered content in a useful, purposeful and compelling manner 

• Encouraged talent to communicate, connect and interact with viewers at a new level

The Hub.jpg
Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.37.45 PM.png

Study 1: The Hub 



• The broadcast set is an extension of the station’s website 

• A technical command center 

• The space evokes the inner workings of a machine 

• Hands-on technology

• The process of news gathering is revealed 

• The viewer sees the flow of information in and out 

• A team of experts is at the center of the Hub 

• The Editorial Newsroom surrounds Central Hub