Paul Benson
Experience Designer


Paul is a creative designer that has the ability to express brand experiences across multiple platforms from digital design to environmental design.  He brings an innovative design sensibility and strategic approach to Provost Studio as well as an understanding of current trends in technology and interactive environments.

In addition, Paul specializes in consumer and market research, creative development, architectural rendering and graphic production.  In his previous professional experience, he has worked with leading brands such as CNN, Pepsi, Jack Daniels, AT&T, ABC, NBC, The New York Times, and MetLife.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Design and Interior Design from the Ohio State University, with international experience studying furniture and lighting design at The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences.

Provost Studio Projects: Research Triangle Park “The Frontier” Collaborative Workplace, Research Triangle Park “The Lab” Signage and Wayfinding, Museum of Performance + Design Print Collateral, The New York Jets Broadcast Studio Proposal, The New York Times "Schools for Tomorrow" Conference, The New York Times "Energy for Tomorrow" Conference, The New York Times "Dealbook" Conference, New York Forum Conference.