Dave Catalano
Experience Designer


David Catalano is a designer and illustrator based in Asheville, NC.  Living at the gateway to the Appalachian Mountains serves as a beautiful backdrop and a source of inspiration while David works on projects both within and well beyond the reaches of Western North Carolina.  He has diverse background that includes theatre, television, themed entertainment, exhibit design, branded environments, experiential marketing, and architecture.

Throughout his career David has not only grown as a designer but has developed strong technical and organizational skills as well as a profound appreciation for the collaborative process. He has had the honor of working with many talented individuals and is proud to been a member of many award winning design teams.

David hails from New York City and has a B.F.A in Scenic Design from North Carolina School of the Arts.

Collaborated Projects:  Chicago Bears Network, Big Ten Network, TV9 Headquarters, CNN- Lou Dobbs*, CNN Wolf Blitzer, CNN American Morning*


*Projects completed while in previous position