Nicholas McRoberts
Junior Designer

An enthusiastic and committed architecture graduate from Australia, Nicholas is deeply passionate about the role of design and technology in improving our homes and cities

With a diverse and rounded education, Nicholas is passionate about the growing connection between technology and human environments. To Provost Studio he brings specialised skills in computer aided design, architecture and presentation. By leveraging the power of innovative new software, he seeks to translate client identity and narrative into built architecture and interiors environments.

Working under the direction of our senior designers and project management, Nicholas provides expertise in the development and realisation of project objectives and design.

Prior to joining us at Provost Studio, Nic gained experience working in Melbourne, Australia, where he was exposed to a range of residential and commercial projects in the urban setting.

Nicholas is quickly building his professional experience. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from the University of Melbourne, and is a registered LEED Green Associate with the United States Green Building Council.