MILK-BONE Tradeshow Environment

Project: MILK-BONE Tradeshow Environment
Client: Milk-Bone
Location: Orlando, FL
Type: Exhibits + Events
Size: 20x20 (400sf)
Status: Completed 2013

New 20’x20’ traveling trade show booth for a product launch for Milk-Bone Brushing Chews.  The concept for the booth was to emphasize the patented unique physical features of the brushing chew design namely its “twist”and bumps. In response to this concept, the booth uses twisting planes and folds that relate to the brushing chew “twist”. In the center of the booth, large graphic panels display product images and research data. On one of the main booth corners, a pedestal rises from the floor to hold a 5’ over sized brushing chew model.

The booth featured two main transaction counters, where product experts educated visitors on product features and benefits. In addition, booth featured product packaging display areas, product print collateral display, integrated video monitor and product storage.

Project Team: Peter Provost (Principal/Project Designer); Paul Benson (3d Visualization/Creative Direction) (DRAFTFCB/DRAFTFCBX (Agency of Record); Chicago Scenic Studios (Fabrication and Management)