Casa Herradura Retail Experience

Project: Casa Herradura Retail Storefront Experience
Client: Brown-Forman Corporation
Location: Tequila, Jalisco Mexico
Type: Retail + Hospitality
Size: 2,000sf
Status: Completed 2011 (Project completed through Construction Phase while a Sr.Design Director at Clickspring Design

Located on the main square in the town of Tequila Mexico, the project entailed a complete interior renovation of an existing space and created a new “glowing centerpiece” storefront to differentiate Herradura from their next door competitor, Jose Cuervo. A key design challenge was to create an environment which expressed the authenticity of Herradura’s rich local history and traditional tequila production techniques.

The project incorporates a Retail Area, Exhibit Gallery and Tasting Bar, where visitors get a first-hand sensory experience of tasting the different “expressions” of Herradura Tequila. Visitors are encouraged to continue to explore and learn at the nearby Casa Herradura distillery and plantation.

Project Team: Peter Provost (Project Designer while at CSD)