Chicago Magazine + RedEye Webcast Studio

Project: Chicago Magazine + Redeye Magazine Webcast Studio
Client: Tribune Media Group
Location: Chicago, IL
Type: Broadcast + Media
Size: 150sf
Status: Completed 2015

Design and installation of a new branded broadcast environment for digital video content for Chicago Magazine and RedEye Magazine, part of the Tribune Media Group. Project included design, management of fabrication/installation and project architectural infrastructure consulting.

CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS : Check out our time-lapse video of the studio installation below. 




(Press excerpt from Newscast Studio below)
The Chicago Tribune‘s free daily publication RedEye (not to be confused with the Fox News show by the same name) has debuted a new home for its online video segments.
The new set, from Provost Studio, includes a edgy, industrial feel with a faux brick and plaster wall, windows and a standing anchor desk.
The set is dominated by skillful lighting design, including splashes of color on the wall to bring out its texture. Other scenic elements include a stenciled outline of the Chicago street grid and small, square photos of city landmarks as well as a prominent RedEye logo.