The Frontier-Collaborative Workplace

Project: The Frontier-Collaborative Workplace at Research Triangle Park
Client: Research Triangle Foundation
Location: Research Triangle Park, NC
Type: Office + Workplace
Size: Approx. 10,000sf
Status: Completed 2015

Provost Studio provided interior design, brand identity and environmental graphic design services for this new collaborative workplace project.  The multi-floor interior renovation consisted of re-designing the 1st and 3rd floors of a former corporate headquarters building to accommodate 10,000sf of new workspace. 

Open workspace is provided on the 1st entry level floor and is intended to the more public mixer space known as the “Living Room”.  Individual private offices are on the 3rd floor.  The program also includes an atrium space intended for large audience gatherings as well as a cafe and both formal and informal meeting spaces.  

Project Team: Peter Provost (Principal/Project Designer), Paul Benson (Graphic Designer), Stephanie Parrish (Graphic Designer),  Sonal Patel (Designer)