360° Chicago Visitor Experience

Project: 360° Chicago Visitor Experience & Observatory
Client: Montparnasse 56 USA
Location: Chicago, IL
Type: Exhibits + Events
Size: 7,500sf
Status: Completed 2015

Provost Studio provided experience design and environmental branding services for a new visitor experience at the 360 Chicago Observation Deck, as part of the re-branding efforts of the former John Hancock Observatory. The new visitor experience provides a graphic and multi-media tour through Chicago and the neighborhoods that visitors will see when they reach the observation deck on the 94th floor.

Four Themed Experience Zones

After purchasing tickets, visitors head toward the elevators leading to the 94th floor.  Along the way, the path weaves through four themed zones. They can explore Chicago and its neighborhoods through large-scale environmental graphics and multi-media presentations.

The first area offers a broad view of Chicago, including a short video called, “Chicago in 4 Minutes.” Each area then gets more focused, until the fourth and final offers specific details of the city at the neighborhood level.

These exhibits provide a framework and add anticipation for the stunning views of Chicago. Views the visitor will experience first-hand from 1000 feet above.

An Integrated Approach

“Every visitor brings a different level of knowledge of the city to the front door.  To ensure a deeper, more targeted and connected experience, we gathered a team of creative experts in content development and copywriting, image research and curation, audio-visual media integration, graphic design, and interiors.”

The successful content development for the exhibits and the entire interior space is the product of this integrated design team approach. They worked side-by-side; looking at the content of each exhibit from varying angles to ensure it would align with the audience.


Provost Studio: Experience Design Development & Environmental Branding/Graphics
Peter Provost - Design Principal
Shannon Harris - Sr. Project Manager
Stephanie Parrish - Art Direction/Sr. Graphic Designer
Bethany Fleming - Sr. Content Curator
Christopher Helms - Asst. Curator
BRC Imaginary Arts: Experience Design Concept
Chicago Scenic Studios: Fabrication & Installation
Gensler: Architect of Record